There’s a joke that almost every time I open my mouth it gets archived here.

Awake in the World Podcast is the heart of the Community Library. Talks are on a wide-range of topics, including: bringing mindfulness and meditation practice into daily life; personal and community issues regarding mental health; and social change. They’re uploaded once (or sometimes even twice) a week and are between 30-60 minutes long. I encourage you to follow along weekly. The podcasts are recorded at live events so you might hear coughing, airplanes, cars, sirens, laughter, and peoples’ questions—all part of the intimate experience.

This podcast has been created so that anyone can have instant access to Awake in the World. The podcast is made possible due to generous donations from members of the community. The archive goes back to 2011. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have deepened their practice by pressing play.

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  • Allowing For Experience: Practicing Non-Separation


    Michael lectures on the end of 2nd chapter of the Yoga-Sutra and then gets into a very precise mapping of what happens to the ego when you get into deeper states of calm and how to practice without dissociating. Recorded in Stockholm, September 8, 2016.

  • I Saw You Fall, So I Helped


    Based on a Zen story, Michael talks about wholehearted activity, compassion, and throwing yourself to the ground when someone falls. He ties this into the refugee situation in Europe, racism, and how to take compassionate action when we have no idea what to do. Recorded in Stockholm, September 7, 2016.

  • Effort, Monarch Butterflies, and Meditation Lessons in Farming


    Caitlin Lambstrom gives a dharma talk on silent retreat about avoiding burnout, using effort wisely, getting rest, and being inspired by something greater than yourself. Salt Spring Island, Canada. 40 min. Recorded August 26, 2016.

  • Ethics, Forgiveness, Breathing, and the Body


    Michael speaks about the ways that being mindful of the body helps us make ethical choices and how our hostility and poor conduct only happen when we have lost track of the body. An interesting exploration at the nexus of ethics and breathing. Recorded at the Eight-day Silent Meditation Retreat on Salt Spring Island, August 24, 2016.

  • Deeper & Deeper Patience


    Michael speaks about composure, waiting 5 breaths when we are aggravated, and how patience is not about waiting for something, it’s really a matter of being where you are. The talk begins with a story about his young son and ends with a sing-along. Salt Spring Island, Canada. 50 min. Recorded August 25, 2016.

  • Healing Trauma Through the Body


    Michael suggests that you need to get deeper than cognition and stories, in order to heal trauma. It’s what we have created in the wake of painful events, that need healing. Knowing when to name our symptoms and then when to drop the pathology. Meditation Facilitation Program, London, 40 min. Recorded on July 31, 2016. Listen to Part 1, Symptoms of Trauma: http://bit.ly/2lhkCDI

  • Symptoms of Trauma


    Michael details fear, dissociation, and shame, and how they impact the body, mind, and relationships. Very clear talk about the strategies we use to protect ourselves and create recognizable symptoms. Michael ends with a story about generational trauma. Meditation Facilitation Program, London. Recorded on July 30, 2016. Listen to Part 2, Healing Trauma Through the Body: http://bit.ly/2kke4WB

  • Thinking Is Optional


    How to work with your thoughts through labeling practice. Recorded at the Meditation Facilitation Program 2016 in London, UK.

  • Forgiveness


    **BONUS** A tender and personal talk Michael gives during silent retreat about his father, forgiveness, and how we need to practice forgiveness all the time. He talks about how, and why. He talks about the painter Hellen Frankenthaller's death and practicing in good times and bad. This podcast episode is from our archive and was recorded Dec 29, 2011.

  • Love: Sometimes We Can Really Show Up


    **BONUS** If you are scared to die you can't forgive. An hour before New Year's Michael gives a quiet talk on the Heart Sutra and Forgiveness. "When I hold someone's hand as they are dying I chant the Heart Sutra. Or when I watch my son sleeping." A tender and quiet talk on silent retreat. This podcast episode is from our archive and was recorded on Dec 31, 2011.

  • Learn How to Stop Breaking Things


    **BONUS** Michael gives a talk on New Year's Silent Retreat on Dogen and how to practice meditation without memory and imagination. Learn to step back and turn your light inwards. Living in your small grass hut, covered in weeds. This podcast episode is from our archive and was recorded on Dec 30, 2012.

  • Being Independent in our Practice


    **BONUS** Michael Stone talks on silent retreat about how meditation works over the long-haul, how to practice with a teacher that encourages independence, and how to live without gain. This is the second last talk of the year and the group was in deep silent practice, and it was snowing. This podcast is from our archive and was recorded Dec 30, 2013, at Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre in Midland, Ontario.

  • Speaking Up, Resilience, Non-Grasping


    **BONUS** Michael Stone talks during the New Year's Silent Meditation Retreat about the depth of meditation, an old koan about bowing, Zen master Dogen, and Edward Snowden. This powerful talk wraps up 2013. This podcast episode is from our archive and was recorded Dec 31, 2013, at Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre in Midland, Ontario.

  • The Unnecessary Suffering We Cause Ourselves


    Using mindfulness of thinking to hold mental states more lightly. Meditation Facilitation Program, London, 50 min. michaelstoneteaching.com

  • Letting Go of Expectations & Having the Last Word


    Michael begins teaching concentration technique by aligning attention and the body. Recognizing expectations we have for ourselves and others and how grasping creates suffering. Not allowing others to change. The more you seek enlightenment the further it goes away. Meditation Facilitation Program, London, 50 min. michaelstoneteaching.com

  • Blending Traditions: Yoga & Buddhism


    A community talk at Tassajara Monastery with Michael Stone & Zen teacher Paul Haller. They each share some of their biography and field questions about practice. Paul shares from his 40 years of Zen practice. Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, California.

  • Carl Jung & Meditation Practice, Part 4 of 4


    **BONUS** Michael talks about feeling the breath; the limits of Jung's ideas of images; how to go beyond internal dialogue and how Jung falls apart for 2 years and how he deals with it. Recorded on September 25, 2012.

  • Carl Jung & Meditation Practice, Part 3 of 4


    **BONUS** Michael explores happiness; how the Buddha saw a "self" as creative and not destined by fate or individuation. Become who you are. As we drop into practice, happiness is a by-product, not a goal. Recorded on September 18, 2012.

  • Carl Jung & Meditation Practice, Part 2 of 4


    **BONUS** Michael explores what it's like to feel like two people; how Jung felt alone as a kid; the place of religious images in life as a child; how do we relate to the vastness of the unconscious and memory; the gods are on the inside now. This dharma talk is from our archive and was recorded September 11, 2012.

  • Carl Jung & Meditation Practice, Part 1 of 4


    **BONUS** Michael talks about Jung and Freud's split, dreams, work, the unconscious as a process of compensation, madness and meditation, and what it's like going into cellars. This dharma talk is from our archive and was recorded September 4, 2012.

  • 30 Minute Guided Meditation w/ Paul Haller


    Zen teacher Paul Haller guides a gentle and clear meditation on noticing what it is to attend to experience. Recorded on retreat co-taught with Michael Stone, Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, California in June 2016.

  • The Deep Request: 30 Minute Guided Meditation w/ Paul Haller


    Followed by a talk on how meditation unfolds, and how to use the space of meditation to investigate experience. Recorded on retreat co-taught with Michael Stone, Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, California. 60 min.

  • No Attributes: How Do You Know If Someone Is Awake? (Diamond Sutra 6 of 6)


    Because the Self is absent when we are awake, we cannot know if we are awake because we are one with our activity. So how do we know when someone is awake? Isn't it all projection? This is the final talk in our Diamond Sutra series recorded at Spirit Loft in Toronto in June 2016.

  • Life is Hard w/ Norman Fischer


    **BONUS** Love and compassion are necessities for basic sustainability. Norman Fischer gives a lecture to a packed house in Toronto on the importance of love, care, and ordinary suffering. This episode is from our archive and was recorded March 16, 2014.

  • The Discipline of Relationship w/ Norman Fischer


    **BONUS** Norman Fischer talks on not speaking destructively, not criticizing the faults of others, and working with conflict. This episode is from our archive and was recorded March 16, 2014.

  • You Can't Get Anywhere With Meditation! w/ Norman Fischer


    **BONUS** Norman Fischer facilitates discussion about meditation, prayer, loss, compassion to oneself, and the liberation of sitting still even when it seems useless. This episode is from our archive and was recorded March 16, 2014.

  • Letting Go of Control (Diamond Sutra 5)


    There are hungers we just can't satisfy. So how can we open to desire without grasping? There’s no satisfaction at the end of the money or fame path. Meditation is controlling your posture and mind in order to let go of control. Spirit Loft, Toronto, 20 min. 

  • Life is Like a Funeral (Lotus Sutra 14)

    Michael talks about the five kinds of fear, community and how it grows, a poem by Leonard Cohen, generosity, and then he reads his own poem about his mother. This talk is from our archive and was recorded in May 31, 2011.

  • Labeling Thoughts & Acknowledging What's Present (Diamond Sutra 4)


    Michael talks about wedding Vows in community, labeling our thoughts so we can honour them, and how generosity is about the way we give our attention. The most profound gift we can give others is our attention. It’s a form of love. Spirit Loft, Toronto, 30 min.

  • Attuning to Ourselves & Others (Diamond Sutra 3)


    The benefit of our practice must be wider than the benefit to our body. How wide do you draw the circle of self? Self-soothing. Michael talks about “a secure base” and how to manage reactivity that’s both inside and outside. Spirit Loft, Toronto, 30 min.

  • How Does a Buddha Stand, Walk & Control Thoughts? (Diamond Sutra 2)


    What does being alive feel like? Michael tells the story of Subhuti and the questions he asks the Buddha about how to practice. Haven’t we been blessed with greatest of trusts? Aren’t we all blessed? Isn't meditation learning how to trust? Spirit Loft, Toronto, 28 min.

  • The Diamond of Practice (Diamond Sutra 1)


    The first in a series of six talks on the Diamond Sutra. Michael speaks on the three aspects of ourselves we can let go of through practice: Possessiveness (This is mine); Conceit (This is me); and Beliefs about what the self is (This is what I am). He connects this to both meditation practice, daily life, and the teachings of the Diamond Sutra. Mental states are not inherently fixed, and you can hold them much lighter than you are now. Recorded at Spirit Loft in Toronto, June 2016.

  • Can You Return to the Breath?


    As the breath becomes smooth and slow, the mind settles and we become less interested in wanting “an experience.” Be kind to yourself, cultivate an un-agitated heart, and live a life that connects. London, 50 min.

  • Anxiety & Meditation


    Michael explains how we can cultivate a field in which anxiety can arise and change, surrounded by spaciousness. We have forces of good inside us, we aren't fated to live out our history, and we are loveable just as we are. London, 55min.

  • The World Is Its Own Magic


    Michael talks about the magic mantra that ends the Heart Sutra. Transforming fear, cultivating compassion, not-knowing, how mantras work. London, 1 hour.

  • Labeling & Noting Thoughts


    How to meditate when your are thinking a lot. Michael also explores language and emotions in children and how this gets internalized in adults. A very clear talk on mindfulness practices for transforming overthinking and identification with thoughts. Vancouver, 55 min.

  • The Ego, The Self, and the Existential Dimensions of Settling the Mind


    Drawing on Freud, Jung, and the Buddha, and various ways of understanding what the ego is, how it develops, and why working with settling thoughts becomes a spiritual practice over time. Vancouver, 30 min.

  • Not Identifying With Your Moods


    How to become interested in how the mind functions rather than being caught in the content of our stories. Meditation is a physical practice and we use breathing to settle the mind and heart. 40 min. Vancouver.

  • 25 Minute Guided Meditation on Mindfulness of Thinking


    Shift away from the content of the mind to the process of thinking. Mindfulness of thinking while sitting like a mountain. Vancouver, 25 min.

  • Guided Corpse Pose for Safety


    If you feel unsafe or unstable, this is a gentle 10 minute guided meditation in corpse pose, for taking care of yourself. Vancouver, 20 min.

  • Safety, Flight, Fight, and Freeze: Trauma & the Brain


    Molly Boeder Harris co-teaching with Michael on trauma sensitivity for meditation facilitation. Vancouver, 53 min.

  • Your Body is Trying to Support You: Self Soothing & Trauma Awareness ft. Molly Boeder Harris


    Molly Boeder Harris co-teaching with Michael on self-soothing and trauma awareness during the Meditation Facilitation Training. Recorded in Vancouver, 59 min.

  • The Environment in Trauma Awareness ft. Molly Boeder Harris


    Molly Boeder Harris co-teaching with Michael on trauma sensitivity during the Meditation Facilitation Training. Vancouver, 25 min.

  • Trauma Sensitivity in Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga ft. Molly Boeder Harris


    Molly Boeder Harris co-teaching with Michael on trauma sensitivity during the Meditation Facilitation Program. Vancouver, 46 min.

  • Home Base: Guided Meditation (20 min.) on Mindfulness of Thinking


    Vancouver, 20 min.

  • Mindfulness of Mental States


    In Meditation Facilitation Program Michael explores how: mind states are not inherently fixed; you can hold mind states lightly; moods are phenomena, not who you are, and; you can sculpt your attitude. Vancouver, 1hr.  

  • 15 Minute Guided Meditation on Breathing


    Let the exhale relax your body; Let the inhale still you. Vancouver, 15 min.

  • Training Your Heart (Lojong Teachings #7): Practice the Basics


    A bodhisattva is someone who doesn’t get used to violence. How to train our hearts to be awake so our hearts don't build plaque. Comox, B.C. 1 hour.

  • Training Your Heart (Lojong Teachings #6)


    1.) What was your first experience of solitude, and 2.) What were your first experiences of being with others? The best thing we can leave our kids is to show how we loved. Madison, WI.  

  • Training Your Heart (Lojong Teachings #5)


    Michael talks about how to protect yourself, how to cultivate a caring heart, and ways of praying without necessarily needing God. Madison, WI.