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In order to reserve time for writing and family life—outside of my packed teaching and speaking schedule—my email address isn’t listed here. I get a lot of help for what I do from Nicole, who’s official title is Operations Manager. So, in most cases, Nicole will be your first contact.

Media requests and review copies of my books are currently being handled by Shambala Publications.

Our mailing address, on the off chance you need it, is: 4 – 4 Castleview Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1Y9

Social Media

You can follow me online in a few places. I post things from my own day-to-day life, as well as information about upcoming events, photos from events, and links to things I’m reading.

Practice Support

I also get a lot of support from Jen, Caitlin, Rose, and Andrea, who are Dharma Teachers-In-Training. They can support you too. You can learn more about them on the Mentees page and can contact them here about Skype/phone support to help you with your practice. Meetings are by a suggested dana (donation) amount that you can discuss with them

Email Andrea Russell (Madison)
Email Caitlin Strom (New York)
Email Jennifer Whitney (New York)
Email Rose Riccio (Toronto)

Ethics & Reconciliation Policy

My teaching has grown from a small group in Toronto to an international network of communities, some of whom are linked together and some not. Conflicts will inevitably arise. The health of our community, both in person, on retreat, and digitally, is not measured by the presence or absence of conflict, rather by our willingness to find effective, responsible, and compassionate resolution of interpersonal tensions when they arise.

Visit our Ethics & Reconciliation Policy page to read more.

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