The Community Library will continue to be as long as we have supporters

Dana is the practice of generosity and a way to support philanthropic public projects that empower and help many.

Our Community Library is that kind of project. It is and will always be at the core of Michael Stone Teachings’ international online community.

Everything in the Community Library is available for free. Anyone, anywhere can have instant access to material that will help them deepen their practice and contribute to a culture of compassion and collaboration.

Well over half a million people have already taken advantage of what the Community Library has to offer. And our numbers keep climbing.

It’s as simple as this: everything we do takes a resource. With Michael gone, so is much of our income. The more resources we have the more we can ensure that the teachings Michael left behind can be made available for free to anyone in the world.

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All contributions help to nourish our beautiful, international community without walls and to keep Michael’s legacy alive.

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