I want to live in a world where people are inspired to actively respond to our personal, social, environmental, and economic challenges.

How about you?

Michael Stone passed suddenly from this world last weekend in Victoria, BC. He was found on July 14, 2017, and remained on life support until July 16, 2017. The story of what led to this moment is complex and heartbreaking. Read the official statement about Michael’s passing, written by his partner and senior students.

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In 2004 I cleaned up an old garage in downtown Toronto and invited people to come and meditate with me. Now, here we are: an international community without walls.

My mission is to translate traditional wisdom teachings into contemporary tools and make them available globally. Tools to create a culture of compassion and collaboration. I’ve realized that the habits I once thought were personal are actually internalized narratives from the culture we live in. Therefore, I believe that inner transformation and social awakening are one.

This is how I help.

In Person

Silent Meditation Retreat


Offered (at least) four times annually, these international, in-residence, retreats are often when meditation practitioners experience their biggest breakthroughs.

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Workshops & Intensives

Workshops & Intensives

Urban, non-residential, community-building offerings that range from training for professionals, to weekend yoga workshops, to day-long meditation events, and more.

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Professional Trainings & Mindfulness Meditation Facilitation Programs

Professional Training

Professional development offerings with personal development as a side effect. Some trainings are even accredited.

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Public Talks

Public Talks

Accessible talks, given in different cities, on topics that include bringing mindfulness and meditation practice into daily life, mental health, and social change.

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Online Courses

Online Courses

These courses offer ways to delve into techniques, philosophy, and practice from your own home, on your own schedule, while connecting with others.

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Awake in the World Podcast & Community Library

Community Library

The library is a free resource designed to support you in your practice, wherever you are, starting now. It includes the Dharma Talks with Michael Stone podcast, as well as videos, and text.

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In Print

Books by Michael Stone


Books I’ve written, edited, and contributed to, as well as a meditation app and CD to help you with your study and practice.

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New in the Community Library

In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon

- 21:18 mins

Contemporary debates about intellectual property and the practices of meditation and yoga are both built around a questioning of ideas of property, ownership, self and other. In this talk, Marcus Boon, writer, journalist and Professor of English at York University in Toronto, explores the relationship between interdependence and imitation, on the yoga mat and off, along the way reflecting on recipes, hip-hop, file sharing, laughter, money, maternity, and practice. Recorded at Centre of Gravity, Toronto on March 18, 2011.

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Get My Letters

Short updates and observations, with photos, from my life and teaching. My letters also let you know what’s coming up next and how you can get involved.

In the Spotlight


Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course

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