Terrors and Experts by Adam Phillips

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**Terrors and Experts by Adam Phillips**

Fear attempts to save the disappearances.
Every gift is a possible future theft.
What I want is what makes wanting impossible.
Only the familiar is ever in disguise.
At the end of reason comes persuasion.
It is the making coherent of a life – the forcing of a pattern – that people often suffer from.
In Freud’s view we become what we cannot have, and desire (and punish) what we are compelled to disown.
There is a kind of intellectual melancholy in this loss of a third sex that never existed and so can never be mourned.
A world of paradox is a world without revenge.
The opposite of fetish is adventure.
I am like everything except myself.
Because I alone can perfectly forge my signature.
Competition is a cure for shame.
Spontaneity is a delight only for conformists.
The language of pleasure and the language of justice are inextricable.
But what kind of body?
The child’s most sacred attribute: doubts about self.
Pleasure is its own punishment.
Animals who make promises.
A talent is not a weapon in every culture.
It is possible to be undaunted by impossibility.
Symptoms are forms of private knowledge.
Doing something properly is a way of not doing it differently.
The unconscious describes the part of us that joins without fitting in.
Freud discovered that people live under assumed names.
Repentance: return from exile.
Compassion: root word ‘womb’ – sins of the body
The Greek term repent means to go beyond the mind that you have.
The name that is above every other name.
Answers merely interrupt questions.
In the mirror one always sees oneself looking.
We are not in search of wholeness… we are in search of good ways to bear our incompleteness.
Belief domesticates desire.
People speak each other’s disowned voices.
You can only tell yourself a secret by telling someone else
Suffering turns privacy into secrecy
Because of this, interpretation is required.
Madness is the need to be believed.
Every fear is a wish.
Like trying to look at something with one’s mouth.
Prescription begins when curiosity breaks down.
In the absence of trauma, there is nothing worth knowing.
Who has met everyone?