Retreats are especially meaningful because they’re when most students experience breakthroughs in their meditation practice.

Our retreats—which integrate Vipassana and Zen—offer an opportunity for new and experienced students to drop deep into silence, mature their meditation practice, and wake up in a way that will never be achieved just by drinking coffee! They’re also where people build strong friendships and a sense of community.

I work most closely with students during retreats. At the beginning, everyone follows the same meditation instructions, but by the end of the retreat, after receiving focused, individual support, everyone practices something tailored specifically to them.

Silent retreats are held four times annually (with other semi-silent retreats sometimes added to the schedule) in exceptionally beautiful international settings with accommodations and delicious, vegetarian meals provided. I encourage students who would like ongoing personal support to come to at least one retreat a year. Retreats offer an important way to form connections with me and allow you to grow into the community.

Retreats include:

  • clear meditation instructions
  • daily lectures
  • at least one private meeting with me
  • support from the Dharma Teachers-In-Training
  • a vital, community environment
  • time to be still together
  • time to be solitary and silent.

Browse the retreats below to explore what each uniquely offers—for example, whether it’s held at an organic farm on an island in the Pacific Ocean, or at an old mill along a lazy river in a rural French town. Some retreats even include movement classes with guest teachers.

  • Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course

    August 14, 2017 9:00 am

    Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course focuses on the “how to” technique level of meditation practice. It’s about how to sit, beginning with the physical postures through to undoing deeper emotional habits.

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  • Pranayama: Yoga Breathing in Depth

    Pranayama: Yoga Breathing in Depth

    June 12, 2017 9:00 am

    Learn how to develop a daily yoga breathing practice, refine therapeutic breathing practices, and work with hindrances that may arise.

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  • Healing Trauma with the Body

    Healing Trauma with the Body

    May 1, 2017 9:00 am

    An inclusive six-week online course, taught by Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris, that offers safe methods for helping the body process trauma so that we can gain a sense of sovereignty over our inner experience.

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