Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course

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This 6-week online course focuses on the “how to” technique level of meditation practice. It’s about how to sit, beginning with the physical postures through to undoing deeper emotional habits.



Now, when I sit down to meditate, I can sit with ease, compassion and light-heartedness. Michael’s emphasis on beginner’s mind and simplicity has allowed me to sit without expectations, with a warm heart.

Taught by Michael, Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course is a six-week online course in which you will learn postures for sitting meditation, how to defuse stress and experience greater calm, and tricks to stabilize emotions and reactivity.

We set the rhythm for the course, releasing a new lesson each week, but you ultimately get to set the pace. You can do the lessons whenever you choose, in any time zone, anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

In addition to the six lessons offered, you’ll also get access to a private discussion forum and live Q&A meetings with a course facilitator. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to the course content.

Looking Within: An Online Meditation Course will provide you with tools to see things just as they are, broadening your perspective and deepening your courage.

You’ll learn:

  • to develop a daily practice
  • options for meditation postures, from cushions to chairs
  • how to defuse stress and experience greater calm
  • how to connect to your feelings and learn tricks to stabilize emotions and reactivity
  • methods to explore the mind-body relationship
  • how to shift from mindfulness practice to deeper concentration

You’ll finish the course:

  • with an expanded sense of who you are, beyond your fears and self-judgment
  • with inner resources that can transform old habits
  • with the ability to find genuine happiness
  • and awaken your capacity for insight and wisdom

Watch a preview

Michael presents the various postures of meditation and how to stabilize the body.

How does the course work?

You’ll receive weekly video teachings with Michael via our easy-to-use custom-built online learning platform. You’ll also be connected to our ever-growing international community without walls through our private discussion forum and will get to participate in live weekly Q&A meetings with the course facilitator.

Accessing the Course

The weekend before the course begins, you’ll receive an orientation email that will give you access to our online learning platform. You’ll be able to log in, learn the platform quickly, and set up your dashboard before the course begins.

Each Monday you’ll receive access to a new video lesson to watch whenever you choose. Videos are available for streaming or download. You can also listen to an audio-only MP3 version.

Should you run into any problems, friendly and helpful technical support is available.

Discussion Forum

There is a private discussion forum moderated by the course facilitator. We recommend checking this forum regularly (or choose to receive email updates by clicking “subscribe”). It’s a great place to ask practice-related questions, share insights, and feel connected to the course and other participants.

The forum thrives on a spirit of generosity and shared intellect. Participation is a key part of the online learning experience—your presence can enhance everyone’s experience.

Q&A Meeting

You’ll have the option to join the course facilitator for a live Q&A meeting, which will provide an opportunity to discuss what’s arising for you as you go through the course.

We’ll provide you with a video tutorial, plus detailed instructions so that you can be set up for the discussions using Zoom. The meeting will be recorded for those unable to participate.


We ask that you commit to a daily meditation practice of 30 – 45 minutes during the course. Expect to commit to a minimum of 4 hours a week, including watching the video, connecting with the community in the forum, and daily meditation practice.

Additional information

Start date

August 27, 2018


This course will be facilitated by Jennifer Whitney. After investigating dharma with Michael for many years, Jennifer began formal study in his first two-year mentorship program. Through assisting him on retreats and in-depth study one-on-one, he guided and encouraged her role as a practice mentor for the sangha, as well as for the community she leads at home in Brooklyn. Jennifer is deeply passionate and dedicated to continuing Michael’s teachings within her own community, as well as with all of you in this sangha. She is pursuing a PhD in Psychology to integrate insights of Western Psychology with the Buddhist tradition into her work with others.

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Postures of Meditation: How to Stabilize Mind & Body
Week 2 – Practicing Intimacy: Using the Body to Calm the Mind
Week 3 – Clinging & Aversion: Transforming Habits as Daily Practice
Week 4 – From Mindfulness to Concentration: How to Develop Focus & Clarity
Week 5 – Pleasure & Stability: Accessing the Pleasure of Concentration
Week 6 – Releasing Looping Thoughts: How to Transform Reactivity