Notes on the Mirror

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**Notes on the Mirror**

Godard: Levinas never had to look at himself in a mirror — maybe this is why he said that one can’t kill when one sees the face of the Other. Myself, when I look into a mirror, for a few years now, I say: that’s not me, it’s an Other. Now, I see myself behind me. But I have to admit that others see me that way. Most people think: “I am myself and he is himself.” There’s little chance we might agree, or if we do only superficially; after all, why not, if the superficial works, but people shouldn’t complain.

Cohn-Bendit: That comes back often in your work. People are responsible for what is. They don’t have the right to complain.

Godard: They have the courage to live their life, but they don’t have the courage to imagine it.