Eight-Day Silent Meditation Retreat on Salt Spring Island

Price Qty
Private room $1,722.00 (CAD)*  
Shared room $1,512.00 (CAD)*  
Camping $1,174.95 (CAD)*  
Staying Off-site $915.60 (CAD)*  

* price includes taxes

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  • September 10, 2017 - September 17, 2017
    1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Join us for an 8-day silent meditation retreat on Salt Spring Island. Silent retreats provide an opportunity to drop deep into silence, mature your meditation practice, and touch your awakened nature.

This retreat integrates the techniques of Vipassana with the schedule and basic forms of Zen. It is organized to give new students plenty of support in establishing a meditation practice. Experienced meditators will learn how to drop into deeper levels of practice.

This retreat includes:

  • Stunning location
  • Comfortable, cozy accommodation
  • 3 gourmet farm fresh meals per day
  • Meditation instruction
  • Daily movement & yoga practice
  • Afternoon dharma talks
  • A one-on-one meeting with Michael Stone

Silent retreats are where most students experience breakthroughs in their practice. Each day there will be teaching movement classes that aim to embody meditative awareness for students of all levels. Meals are vegetarian, there will be afternoon dharma talks and opportunities for one-on-one meetings with Michael.

As we strive to be an open and inclusive community, accepting and supporting diversity in age, race, physical and mental abilities, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity* we welcome requests regarding accommodation.

*Our sangha is inclusive of trans and gender nonconforming people. We recognize that gender is not dependent on how someone looks and can be something other than male or female. One’s gender is often inferred by the pronoun used as reference (he/she/they). We encourage mindfulness around pronouns.


Private room $1,640 + GST
Shared room $1,414+ GST
Camping $1,119+ GST
Staying Off-site $872+ GST

The registration fee is the actual cost of administration and food and lodging for 7 nights. This price does not include dana to Shôken Michael Stone.

Dana has been part of Buddhist practice since the time of the Buddha. Please consider the meaning of the retreat to you and bring cash or cheque (made payable to Michael Stone) to offer as dana for his teaching. Please give generously and honestly in a way where you have no regrets. The teachings are offered freely and in response your generosity supports Shôken’s ability to continue teaching. Recommended dana is between $50 and $100 per day.

Limited to 50 participants.


Stowel Lake Farm (190 Reynolds Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC)

Stowel Lake Farm is an organic farm, community, and wellness centre on Salt Spring Island. They have simple and comfortable accommodation for 26 people in-house plus additional space for camping. Stay in the Barn building, the Bath House, sleep in one of their Yurts, or camp out. For more details about Stowel Lake Farm, please visit their website.

What to bring

Loose-fitting clothing for meditation, dark or muted in colour, work clothing for indoor and outdoor work (outdoor shoes or boots are handy), inside shoes or slippers, toiletries, towel, flashlight, extra pillows or blankets if needed, and your own meditation cushion or bench. If you don’t have a cushion please let us know and consider purchasing a proper zafu/zabuton set.

Do not bring musical instruments, journals, books, cell phones, radios, alcohol or illegal drugs.


SEP 10

1:00pm – Arrive
2:30pm – Orientation
4:00pm – Sitting, walking and bowing instruction
5:30pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Sitting meditation
7:30pm – Walking meditation with instruction
7:45pm – Sitting meditation
8:15pm – Walking meditation
8:25pm – Sit followed by evening chant
8:45pm – Rest or optional sitting/walking

SEP 11 – 16

6:00am – Wake-up
6:45am – Sitting and chanting
7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Work meditation
9:15am – Stop work, clean up
9:30am – Alternating sitting/walking meditation
10:50am – Prepare room for movement class
11:00am – Movement class
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Rest or work period for afternoon kitchen crew
3:00pm – Alternating sitting/walking meditation
4:10pm – Dharma talk
5:00pm – Sit or outdoor walking
5:30pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Alternating sitting/walking meditation
8:50pm – Chant then rest or optional sitting/walking

SEP 17

6:00am – Wake-up
6:45am – Sit and chant
7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Work meditation
9:15am – End of work period, clean up
9:30am – Talk: bringing the practice home
10:30am – Closing council
12:00pm – Lunch and ending of silence
1:00pm – Clean-up
1:30pm – Home