Conversations by Luce Irigaray

bookConversations by Luce Irigaray

Conversations is an important collection of interviews in which Luce Irigaray discusses the full range of her work and ideas with leading academics in the fields of Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory and Critical Theory. Covering all the key topics that have been central to her work in the last thirty years, such as feminism, spirituality, difference, politics, education, and ‘being two’, this book offers essential insights into Irigaray’s career as one of the world’s most important contemporary thinkers. Topics and theorists approached include: philosophy, universality and difference, motherhood and gendered subjectivities, cultivation of desire and love, the other and others, globalization and ethics, politics and human rights, spirituality and religion, and, of course, being and becoming woman. Features correspondence between Michael Stone and Luce Irigaray where they explore the intersection of yoga, philosophy, psychology and feminist theory.
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