In seeking resolution, Buddhist practice values dialogue over silence, reconciliation over estrangement, forgiveness over resentment, confession over accusation, and atonement over punishment. Because the process of reaching such resolution is often difficult, we have created a three-person committee called “The Council.”

The Council is a group of three practitioners, respected for their integrity, who are available to any community member requesting help in dealing with conflicts and grievances. The Council’s primary role is to provide confidential consultation to anyone with ethical concerns. If you’d like to read more about the Council or our ethics policy, you can do so through the Ethics & Reconciliation Policy page.

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  • Evan Stanley

    Evan Stanley

    Evan is a writer, meditation practitioner and facilitator based in Vancouver, BC. Practicing in the Soto Zen tradition through Mountain Rain Zen Community, he completed Michael’s Meditation Facilitation Mentorship program in 2016. He has facilitated for Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist meditation group for those in recovery from addiction, and volunteers as a crisis counselor through the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia. Evan holds a BA in English and French literature and an MA in Critical Theory and works as a copywriter.

  • Kosu Boudreau

    Kosu is the Spiritual Care Provider for the Cardiovascular and Cardiac Intensive Care units at Toronto General Hospital and an Associate Teaching Supervisor. Kosu completed a M.Div. (2001) and MPS (2007) from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto. She spent eight months living at the Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe, NM where she completed a certificate in Buddhist chaplaincy (2011). She has been granted Specialist Certification in Pastoral Care (2011) and Associate Teaching Supervisory status (2014) from the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care. Kosu is passionate about education and group process and is an active member of the Canadian Psychotherapy Association (CGPA) as well as the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC). She’s been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years.

  • Sarah Trelease

    Sarah has been teaching classes, workshops, trainings and retreats since 1999. Her teaching is informed by her quest for deep self-awareness, compassion, and clarity of intention. Drawing on her training and practice in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen contemplative care and her studies with modern masters in anatomy and yoga, Sarah offers classes that balance breath, alignment, and flowing movement, developing strength as well as deep clear awareness of the body heart and mind.  She currently studies Body Mind Centering with Amy Matthews in Portland, and yoga asana with Todd Jackson at PYA. She is the co-director of Sola School of Contemplative Arts in Portland.