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Meet the staff that supports Michael’s international activities.

These are the part-time administration staff supporting Michael’s activities. To stay focused on affordable programming internationally, much of Michael’s work is also done by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.


  • Practise Mentor Individual 1

  • Evan Stanley

    Evan Stanley

    Evan is a writer, meditation practitioner and facilitator based in Vancouver, BC. Practicing in the Soto Zen tradition through Mountain Rain Zen Community, he completed Michael’s Meditation Facilitation Mentorship program in 2016. He has facilitated for Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist meditation group for those in recovery from addiction, and volunteers as a crisis counselor through the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia. Evan holds a BA in English and French literature and an MA in Critical Theory and works as a copywriter.

  • Elaine Jackson

    Elaine has been a student of Michael’s since his garage days on Fern Ave. She is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, and blogger and is curious about everything. She loves conversing online with Michael’s other students and hearing their thoughts about how to embody the practice while still remaining embedded in the everyday world of work, grocery shopping, house-cleaning, and caregiving. She’s inspired by nature, art, film, small acts of kindness, and books of all descriptions. She also loves chocolate and bad puns.

  • Kosu Boudreau

    Kosu is the Spiritual Care Provider for the Cardiovascular and Cardiac Intensive Care units at Toronto General Hospital and an Associate Teaching Supervisor. Kosu completed a M.Div. (2001) and MPS (2007) from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto. She spent eight months living at the Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe, NM where she completed a certificate in Buddhist chaplaincy (2011). She has been granted Specialist Certification in Pastoral Care (2011) and Associate Teaching Supervisory status (2014) from the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care. Kosu is passionate about education and group process and is an active member of the Canadian Psychotherapy Association (CGPA) as well as the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC). She’s been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years.

  • Sarah Trelease

    Sarah has been teaching classes, workshops, trainings and retreats since 1999. Her teaching is informed by her quest for deep self-awareness, compassion, and clarity of intention. Drawing on her training and practice in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen contemplative care and her studies with modern masters in anatomy and yoga, Sarah offers classes that balance breath, alignment, and flowing movement, developing strength as well as deep clear awareness of the body heart and mind.  She currently studies Body Mind Centering with Amy Matthews in Portland, and yoga asana with Todd Jackson at PYA. She is the co-director of Sola School of Contemplative Arts in Portland.

  • Andréa de Keijzer

    Andréa de Keijzer is a movement teacher and performance/photography/video artist from Mexico and Costa Rica, currently living in Montréal. She graduated from York University in 2009 with a degree in Dance and Kinesiology. From 2012-14 she lived in a medical labyrinth after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and labral tears in both hips. These injuries led her to deepen her studies in kinesiology and the Axis Syllabus in an attempt to find dynamic ways of moving that respect the body’s limits and promote safe movement reflexes. Her teaching and creative work are influenced by her studies in contemporary dance, kinesiology, the Axis Syllabus, her video and photography work, urban farming, pottery, and meditation.

    Photo credit: Yuula Benivolski.

  • Kathryn Bruni-Young

    Kathryn has been practicing yoga all her life. She started at an early age learning about the practice with her yogi mom, which sparked an ongoing interest in yoga and other forms of physical movement. She has studied with Richard Freeman and Ido Portal. She practices other forms of movement including gymnastics strength, olympic weightlifting, competitive powerlifting and mobility work.

  • Suniti Dernovsek

    Suniti Dernovsek is a choreographer, performer and movement educator living in Portland, OR. She has been a student of dance, yoga and Buddhism for 20 years. She teaches a warm and generous style of movement that is influenced by her interest in contemporary and classical dance forms, somatics, yoga and mindfulness practice. She brings her love of movement, fondness of detail and her own understanding of practice into her teaching. Suniti met Michael Stone in 2011 when he traveled to Portland to teach a weekend workshop. She has been engaged with his work ever since.

  • Norman Feldman

    Norman Feldman attended his first Insight Meditation retreat in 1971, while traveling in India. Since then, he has practiced and studied with many teachers in the Theravada, Tibetan and Zen traditions of Buddhism, as well as spending time with teachers in the Advaita-Vedanta tradition of Hinduism. He has spent long periods of time without a home, practicing intensively in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka, as well as in the West. He has also lived in Buddhist communities in England and Canada. Norman began teaching Insight Meditation retreats in 1986, and since then he has regularly taught throughout Canada and the US, as well as at Gaia House retreat centre in England, in Bodh Gaya, India and in Israel. As well as leading traditional, formal Insight Meditation retreats, Norman also offers forms of practice that facilitate the integration of meditation into daily life. These have included canoe retreats, study classes in the Buddhist texts, non-residential retreats that emphasize the integration of meditative awareness, insight and inquiry into daily life, and pilgrimage to the sacred Buddhist sites of India and Nepal. Norman is a co-founder and Guiding Teacher of True North Insight Meditation Centre, and can be reached through his Insight Meditation Retreats website. Prior to offering the Dhamma full-time, Norman was a shiatsu therapist and a pharmacist. Norman lives in Guelph, Ontario with his partner Molly Swan.

  • Stephen Batchelor

    Stephen Batchelor is a contemporary Buddhist teacher and writer, best known for his secular or agnostic approach to Buddhism. Stephen considers Buddhism to be a constantly evolving culture of awakening rather than a religious system based on immutable dogmas and beliefs. Through his writings, translations and teaching, Stephen engages in a critical exploration of Buddhism’s role in the modern world, which has earned him both condemnation as a heretic and praise as a reformer. For several months each year, he travels worldwide to lead meditation retreats and teach Buddhism. He is the translator and author of various books and articles on Buddhism including the bestselling Buddhism Without Beliefs and Confession of a Buddhist Atheist.

  • Caitlin Strom

    Caitlin is a farmer, photographer, and artist and currently lives in Illinois with her husband Nathan and dog Basho. Caitlin sat her first silent retreat in 2006 and since then has been deeply dedicated to practice. She studied with various teachers in the Vipassana and Tibetan traditions before finding Michael. She continues to be inspired by his earthy approach, his commitment to relationship and community, and the way he embodies practice and compassion.

  • Jennifer Whitney

    Based in Brooklyn, Jennifer teaches yoga and dharma with a small sangha, as well as in group and one-one-one settings. She is passionate about studying and living the awakening traditions of yoga philosophy and Buddhist dharma. Building community and integrating care and connection with nature infuse her work. She is currently going back to school for her MA and PhD in Psychology at The New School. She has been studying with Michael for many years, and is continually inspired in all she does by his teachings.

  • Rose Riccio

    Rose is a registered massage therapist and yoga teacher living in Toronto. Her teaching practice involves bringing careful attention to breathing patterns, postural awareness, and mindful movement.

    She is infinitely interested in exploring how the mind, the body, and perception, continually influence and inform each other. She feels a deep commitment to dharma practice and it’s potential to transform our relationships with ourselves, and with each other. She is inspired by Michael’s dedication to cultivating community while living an engaged and embodied practice that embraces courage and compassion.

  • Andrea Russell

    Andrea Russell is an assistant for Michael Stone’s online courses and retreats, a yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist specializing in neurovascular/craniosacral therapy. Her yoga teaching integrates meditation and a mindful approach to asana with attention to anatomy, optimal alignment, breath, and inner awareness. She inspires students to live a more grounded and compassionate life in harmony with the world we are all a part of. Her primary teachers are Michael Stone and Scott Anderson. Andrea leads Alignment Yoga teacher trainings and meditation retreats in Wisconsin where she resides with her pitbull Lucy.

  • Nicole Madison

    Nicole is the Operations Manager for Michael Stone. She holds a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University and is a certified yoga teacher. She has an extensive background in management and administration, as well as Event Management and Web & Graphic design. She lives with her wife and daughter in Toronto.

  • Peter Levitt

    Peter Levitt is an award-winning poet and Zen teacher known for his gentleness, understanding, humor and warmth. Authorized to teach within the Zen lineage of Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi, (author of the classic Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind) Peter is the founder and guiding teacher of the Salt Spring Zen Circle. He reads from his work, leads retreats and teaches throughout North America. He lives with his family on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

    (Photo credit: Stasia Garraway)

  • Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara

    Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, PhD, is the Abbot of The Village Zendo in New York City. A Soto Zen Priest and certified Zen Teacher, she received dharma transmission in both the Soto and Rinzai lines of Zen Buddhism, through the White Plum Lineage. She also serves as Co-Spiritual Director of the Zen Peacemaker Family, a spiritual, study and social action association. She has taught annually at Centre of Gravity. Enkyo Roshi’s focus is on the expression of Zen through caring, service, and creative response. Her Five Expressions of Zen form the matrix of study at the Village Zendo: Meditation, Study, Communication, Action, and Caring.